Recommended Dyson Cord-free Vaccum cleaners

Dyson is one of the best brands of vacuum cleaners.
I give their Dyson V series two thumbs up!

Dyson V6 has introduced state-of-the-art technology such as the breakthrough of cord-free vacuum cleaners.

Now, the V model has expanded to V8 with variations like V8 absolute, V8 animal, V8 carbon fiber, and V8 bagless.

Dyson manufactures all kinds of household appliances not only vacuum cleaners, but also purifiers and hand dryers. Visit Dyson’s homepage to see some of their cordless cleaners.

Among them, we can see very popular items like below ;


Dyson V8 Absolute now the price has gone down to $449.99 (save $150)

Dyson V8 Animal  cord-free, hassle-free vacuum clearner. $399.99 (was $499.99)

See the other vacuum cleaners at is also one of Dyson’s retailers.
We can compare the prices for vacuum cleaners among major brands, and narrow down the lists within our budget and the appliance’s functions.

Here are some lists of Dyson vacuum cleaners at affordable prices. (click to


Another retailers for Dyson cordless cleaners is Bed Bath & Beyond.
Bed Bath & Beyond offers discounted prices for cord-free cleaners. Sometimes there are good deals for refurbished items.

Go to Dyson vacuum cleaners sold by Bed Bath & Beyond.

The last one we recommend is
It has a lot of vacuum cleaners sold by the hundreds.  Among them, we are mainly focusing on the official Dyson store at

Dyson takes advantage of Ebay’s store as a distribution channel for their refurbished items.
It’s a good deal for the customers because those items are guaranteed by Dyson, the manufactures.

You can see the official Dyson’s Ebay store by clicking here.

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